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Every day around the world, thousands of researchers, innovators, start-ups, etc., submit new patents, publish new articles or theses, post on blogs, submit videos, participate in collaborative projects, and more.

That is, they innovate and they make it known.

It is crucial for those of you who innovate to get proper vision over your sectors and markets, to learn about existing actors, and to detect emerging technologies.

IZINOV is a quick and affordable solution that provides you with a complete and concise perspective of your field. In 10 days and with less than 2 hours of your time, you will have all the essential information needed to guarantee your project’s success.

Why did we develop IZINOV?

The information is available, but it’s rarely easily or fully accessible, and it often is geographically and chronologically scattered.

Thanks to Izinov, there’s no longer any need to spend unreasonable amounts of time or use complex methods to benefit from a summary of strategic resources.

Our vision:

Information should be easy-access, pleasant, and fun to use in order to:

Know the right time to invest in the right market, alongside the right potential partners

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Keep tabs on one's environment and its evolution

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Be able to comfortably elaborate one's strategic initiative

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How does Izinov work?

IZINOV bases itself on more than 15 years of research and practice in Big Data, as well as in artificial intelligence, applied to scientific and technological literature.

This scientific and technological literature includes the incredible mass of information published every year throughout the world in:

  • Patents
  • Scientific articles, theses, or conference proceedings
  • Collaborative projects (i.e H2020, Grant Gov, ANR, GEPRIS, etc.)
  • Blog posts and websites more generally
  • Specialized and/or technical publications
  • Scientific videos
  • ... and new sources discovered and indexed by IZINOV every day

To do so, IZINOV uses the IPMetrix™ software platform developed over the past 15 years by TKM, an innovation services and consulting company.

How is that useful to you?

IZINOV answers very tangible questions you may ask yourself when launching an innovation project, start-up, or research project:

  • Quickly and efficiently clearing up a topic or a new field.
  • Identifying emerging technologies.
  • Mapping your competition’s patents or activities.
  • Detecting and monitoring new actors in the field.

IZINOV can help you initiate start-up scouting, pilot an innovation effort, fuel a Concept-Knowledge (C-K) process or any other ideation approaches, as well as solve problems.

IZINOV can be used to obtain a concise view of current trends, stakes, actors in the field, and scopes of application, on such contemporary subjects as the blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and more.

What IZINOV offers

We offer two product types: the Panorama and the Watch. They are both independent and complementary!

The Panorama

A staff map for your project

As a true portrait of the field of your choice, IZINOV’s Panorama analyzes 10 years of innovation for you: key players, technologies, funding, etc. This leads to a clear plan of action commented by a consulting engineer. The panorama can also lead to a watch


The Watch

A regular report on the evolution of your market

Sign up for the frequency of your choice, get your concise and organized watch report about the evolution of emerging technologies, your competitors, your markets, as well as about funding. The watch can be paired with a panorama or be completely independent from it


How does it work?


Order on IZINOV

Everything happens on Izinov’s website! As soon as your order is confirmed, you can plan a meeting with an Izinov engineer according to your availabilities.




Working together to define your needs

2 hours of videoconferencing coaching with one of our consulting engineers in order to help define the limits of your report.




10 days later...

Your analysis or your first watch report is ready. Your consultant will spend an hour with you to comment on the results.

In short, Izinov is...


A complete and customizable offer for only €960.


An offer focused on and adapted to your needs.


Get the situational report you need about your innovation project in less than 10 days and for 2 hours of your time.


Order online in just a few steps and plan a briefing meeting with an IZINOV engineer.

IZINOV’s users testify

Fabienne Sicardon

CEO - Freedom Energy


Christophe Bianchi

CEO - Feeligreen


Jean-Paul Kovalevsky

PCA – VibraTec


A Smart Building start-up

"I know that I have to stay abreast of changes in the field in order to guarantee my company's..."

A start-up at the intersection of microelectronics and life sciences

"In order to convince and reassure investors, we needed to present rigorously researched information..."

French leader in vibrations and acoustics

"The multi-source watch report allowed us to gather many leads to look further into..."

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To go further yet

IZINOV is part of a group that has been dedicated to innovation for over 15 years

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Does cheaper mean worse?

No! We drive down costs thanks to standardized analyses provided by IPMETRIX. At IZINOV, we believe that innovation has to be accessible to as many people as possible, for all of us have a role to play in progress.

What do I get in the end?

A digital situational report in .pdf format with the results of our research and consequent analyses. We spend one hour with you upon providing the report in order to detail its essential aspects.

Want to know more about our solutions, but don’t know where to start?

That’s where our pre-mission coaching comes in: To help you define your own needs. We won’t leave you hanging. We provide support in validating each element of your research strategy in order to offer a service that’s useful to you.

What about confidentiality?

A confidentiality clause is included by default in our GTC. Need to strengthen this agreement?

Signing a confidentiality agreement


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