The Panorama

à partir de 1650 € (HT)

Make the right decision about your business strategy with the kind of total support that provides better information about your situation.

IZINOV’s Panorama compiles an objective, complete and concise situational analysis about a technological environment, its actors and its prospects. It provides you with the keys you need to make strategic decisions and it answers important questions, such as:


  • Does the field have potential?
  • What are its primary actors, competitors, clients and partners?
  • How to access the market?

A perspective on 10 years of technology and knowledge evolution

  • Prospective leads
  • A clear and organized document
  • Instructional information boxes to interpret and exploit results
  • Options for deepened analysis (geographic focus, actor focus, etc.)

These services qualify for research tax credits and innovation tax credits.

3 versions


1650 € (pre-tax)

Concise situational analysis of technological information on patents
Worldwide patent databases

Competitive Technology

2630 € (pre-tax)

 Total state of knowledge for a complete understanding of the field. Technological and market-competition approach summary
 Worldwide patent databases
 Worldwide scientific publications
 Worldwide collaborative projects
 Internet sources

Patent Map

2700 € (pre-tax)

 Analyze your technological and competitive environment
 Identify your competitors, emerging technologies and the actors carrying them
 Take advantage of results interpretation support provided by one of our engineers

Illuminating Technology

Validating an orientation
Verifying the opportunity to submit a patent
Detecting emerging technologies
Finding a solution to technological limitations

Illumination Markets

Identifying new markets and clients
Identifying potential partners
Knowing and monitoring competitors
Verifying the freedom to use technologies

Illuminating Financing

Identifying research fundings
Securying your research tax credit
Demonstrating technological and competitive advantages to investors

Aspects to keep in mind...


Select the panorama best suited to your needs, patents, technologies or market-competition.


Coaching takes place over 2 one-hour sessions with a consulting engineer, by telephone and by screen sharing.


Your panorama will be sent to you digitally ten working days after the coaching phase. A consulting engineer will spend one hour with you by screen sharing in order to walk you through the document.

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