Izinov's users testify.

Christophe BIANCHI

Founding president - Feeligreen

April 2016

A start-up at the intersection of microelectronics and life sciences

After our first round of fundraising, our start-up organized a second round for 6 to 8 million euros.

In order to convince and reassure investors, we needed to present rigorously researched information: le Patent Panorama helped us illustrate our statements.

It provides objective proof of our technological field’s momentum and clearly demonstrates our own geographic IP stakes.
The simultaneous presentation of major industrial actors also allowed us toidentify two potential partners,which any investor will recognize as an advantage!

Beyond our current financial concerns, the patent panorama is a very useful management tool to oversee any innovative strategic orientation :

The analysis of a technology’s momentum provides the opportunity to ask the right questions, for example:
If the momentum is there, it confirms the benefits of getting involved.
However, if the field is not dynamic, then it’s worth questioning whether we’re at its emerging stages or whether the real stakes are elsewhere...

If we have to choose between several developments, then the panorama is also a very good way to arrange them in order of importance.


CEO - Freedom Energy

October 2016

A Smart Building start-up

As the founding director of this start-up, I know that I have to stay abreast of changes in the field in order to guarantee my company’s development.

I was able to establish a competitive and technological watch thanks to IZI’NOV’s services, which I signed up to in the form of a multi-source watch subscription.

A consulting engineer helped me precisely set some limits in order to get only the most pertinent information.

Patents, scientific publications, European collaborative projects, and Internet news were reviewed every quarter, and any novelty or evolution in my “perimeter” was included in the concise document.

I was able to confirm that each source has its own importance, its own wealth of information:

  • New patents showed me the importance of “staying in touch” and progressing in terms of technical knowledge.
  • Publications provided me with a more targeted awareness of uses and scientific developments.
  • As for collaborative projects, I didn’t originally see the point in ordering their watch, and yet, that’s where I found the most essential competitive information: who the “major players” in the field are, and how they relate to one another. We find out about existing products and about where research is going at a given time. I even found the name of a European company that I immediately got in touch with to start a partnership.
  • Internet news gave me easy access to the communication efforts of dynamic actors and to current trends.

There’s just one conclusion for me: the 2017 budget has already taken into account a subscription to IZI’NOV’s multi-source watch.


COB - VibraTec

A French leader in vibrations and acoustics

Our petroleum industry-related division was experiencing a recurrent frustration: information kept escaping its attention and we weren’t aware of the needs to which Vibratec could provide technical and competitive solutions.
We were looking for an efficient way to access information sources from abroad.

IZINOV’s watch solution convinced us.

The multi-source watch report allowed us to gather many leads to look further into. We are now able to keep abreast of what’s going on around the world thanks to a large selection of sources, particularly those from the Internet.

We appreciated the help provided in defining keywords and setting up the watch strategy. The consulting engineer’s skills allowed us to take into account every aspect of the topic.

The quality and relevance of the first report we received confirmed the soundness of our decision to entrust this watch mission to IZINOV, and we already owe the conclusion of several contracts to their services.