Organize your technology and competition watch to take advantage of new opportunities


A start-up has developed an innovative energy storage method in a quickly evolving field. Emerging technologies and new competition, obstructive patents, partnership opportunities – all subjects to keep an eye on, but few internal resources available to do so. Yet, survival conditions are clear: exploit weak market signals as soon as possible in order to stay on the cutting edge.


The start-up receives a summary note every quarter thanks to IZINOV’s technology watch report. This document provides it with the latest news in the field regarding patents and web-sourced information about its competition. But it also provides a view on the future of research, with scientific publications and collaborative projects.

The coaching provided by IZINOV’s consulting engineer gave the company the opportunity to properly delineate the issue of intelligence in order not to miss out on anything, without drowning in unusable masses of data either.


The start-up’s directors save precious time and stay at the forefront of events in their field. Just six months after establishing the watch, the directors took the decision to accelerate the submission of a new patent as a result of congruent technological and competitive information convincing them not to take the risk of getting left behind. Another advantage provided by the watch is that they were able to detect a new supplier, thus allowing them to gain several % in terms of gross margin, all while reducing manufacturing times for their solution.