Innovate to stay one step ahead


For 25 years, this SME has been manufacturing all kinds of connectors for industrial applications. By changing the rules of the game against aggressive competitors and by introducing an innovation into its products, the SME is looking to escape the trap of price drops and tighter margins on increasingly complex tenders.


IZINOV drew up a “competitive market panorama” dealing with designing high-performance extrusion dies. A number of leads were found concerning processes to improve the connectors’ mechanical strength, all while reducing their density and, as a result, their weight, which was a critical detail for the SME’s major clients.
This panorama provided the opportunity to identify the research teams that had developed these new processes.


The SME was able to quickly get into contact with one of these teams and finalize a manufacturing partnership. They had a first prototype up and running in less than six months, thus enabling them to present their first results to industrial clients. The latter’s unanimous reaction convinced the SME to accelerate this process, to build a project package for the IPO, and to access research tax credits. The company was able to use IZINOV’s panorama in its packages, which provided a clear vision of the former state of the art and gave the company the opportunity to show the merits of its funding request.