Discover new scopes of application


For this innovative SME, the field of augmented reality provides tangible strategic appeal, but competition is getting fiercer every day. Its directors have a hunch that the innovative technology they’ve developed can help in a wide variety of domains. But which should they target? How do they avoid getting it wrong and operate successful diversification in order to gain a precious lead on their larger-sized competitors?


IZINOV’s “market competition panorama” helped establish a concise and organized view of a highly fashionable field. Consequently, over 10,000 documents (patents, publications, collaborative projects, web data, theses, etc.) were collected by IZINOV’s engineers. Above all, they were able to bring to light about ten potential markets the SME could apply its technology to.


As a result of this mission, the SME was able to benefit from a clear view of the market, its actors, and the fields in which to diversify. It decided to target two scopes of application revealed by the panorama, and to concentrate its marketing efforts there. As a result, the company increased its turnover by 20%.